Nashville to Memphis

We spent some fantastic time in two one Tennessee’s music cities, we had a fantastic time in the Nashville area visiting several exotic car dealers, special outfitters, and a coach builder who builds custom sprinter limos. We also spent a significant amount of time at their local Saturday car show “Cars N’ Coffee” which was absolutely amazing. Nashville really does have a HUGE car community and we saw everything from Veyrons to HUMMERS and everything in between.

We spent a night on the town in Nashville before heading to Memphis the following day. So many fantastic restaraunts and bars in the Nashville Area. We rented a limo from a¬†Nashville Limo Service, ICON Executive and headed out on the town; we dined at House of Cards in Nashville which was a killer — speakeasy like establishment with tons of live magic acts.

After leaving HOC we headed over to broadway and checked out the “Honky Tonks” Which was quite interesting! This is where Country Music is born – we saw lots of cool acts and got to speak with a ton of other car enthusiasts.

Memphis is an entirely different breed of killer compared to Nashville – certainly a heavier influence on Blues and not nearly as big! We enjoyed the Beale street scene but found it to not be as fun as Nashvilles nightlife. ¬†Unfortunately we didn’t meet up with any new gear heads in the Memphis area — but hopefully we can change that on our next visit to the Bluff City.


The trip to SEMA

Our trip to SEMA was interesting to say the least. We Being in Georgia we thought it would be fun to cut across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana; which is honestly a gorgeous part of our county. Mississippi has so much culture as does Louisiana. We really did enjoy traveling through Cajun Country and the Mississippi Delta.

Mississippi Sign

John had the bright idea of swinging through Tuscaloosa to see his favorite college (terrible) and honestly I feel like our convoy was cursed the second we pulled into Tide Country. We blew two tires on our trailer, which was exacerbated…we ended up tearing up two hub bearings on the trailer too. Thankfully we found Tuscaloosa Towing Company and they got us on the road in a matter of two hours — new tires, and new bearings!

The mighty Mississippi was quite a bit more fun, swung through Starkville to check out Mississippi State and then headed out to the Delta where we experienced some fantastic southern food. The people of Mississippi are welcoming and their state is incredible. — more on it later.

We saw some great car stuff in Louisiana – and that is deserving of its own post!

Until next time.


Welcome to Rack & Pinion

Hey there!

Welcome to Rack & Pinion! Where we talk about hot cars, travel, and everything in between! We just wrapped up at SEMA and have a lot to share with everyone! Keep an eye out for some great new content.

G WAGON SEMAWe got our hands on this incredible 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon 4×4 Squared and it was an incredible experience.

A Beautiful custom build!